Experience since 2004

Sigma group is instrumental in providing various industrial solutions in the field of Welding & allied industries.

Our Vision

To be the most preferred company globally in providing industrial solutions with the help of advanced technologies and upgraded knowledge thus delighting our associates.

Our Mission

To provide growth solutions by equipping Right Products, Technologies, knowledge as well as Timely Services under one roof to benefit Our Associates and Society.

Our History


We started to provide technical services of our welding for manufacturing industries.


Started Welding Training,
test center

Supply Industry,2005

Supply of welding machine and equipment .

Consultancy 2008

Started consultancy for increase productivity & quality.

About Our Managing Director

Mr. Nitendra V. Patil

Managing Director – Sigma Group

Today's welding equipment is far smarter, offering greater capability and it's a trend that will continue, he said.

"Manufacturing welding equipment is no longer just about creating machines that a welder can use. It's now about developing and combining software with welding machines to create a sophisticated piece of equipment that helps the welder complete a quality job quicker and easier."

So we do provide proper training to our students in our Sigm welding institute, so they are very competant to carry any challenging task asssign to them.