200 Amps MMA / TIG Welding Machine

INTIG 200 IDS is Single Phase IGBT inverter based MMA/TIG Welding machine which can be used for manual metal arc welding and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) in various kind of metals

IGBT based inverter and hence more reliable

Built in High Frequency for GTAW (TIG)

Digital Display for set welding current

Ultra Compact and Light in weight


Specification Value
Input Supply 230 ± 15% 50/60 hz (Single phase)
Input Capacity (KVA) 6
Open Circuit Voltage 65 Volts DC
Welding Current Range (A) MMA: 10 ~ 160/ TIG: 10 ~ 200
Rated Duty Cycle 60 % (40 Degree C & 10 Min Standard)