400 Amps MMA / TIG / PULSE TIG Welding Machine

INTIG-400 Pulse Series machines are microprocessor controlled fully digital IGBT inverter based arc welding power source with soft switching technology. They are widely used for DC TIG, DC PULSE TIG & DC MMA welding in mild steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper & Titanium.
Models : Available in 315 and 400 Amps

Microprocessor controlled technology.

Advanced Soft Switching inverter technology.

Adjustable Preflow, Post-flow, Up-Slope, Down-Slope.

High Switching Frequency, hence low volume & weight.


Specification Value
Input Supply 3 Phase 380 ~ 440 Volts 50 Hz
Input Power (KVA) 18.4
Open Circuit Voltage ( V) 75
Welding Current Range (A) 5 ~ 400
Peak / Base Current (A) 5 ~ 400