Auto weld I Series 631-1251 Amps

Auto weld I Series 631-1251 Amps

AUTOWELD-i Series machines are IGBT inverter based welding power sources with suitable tractor for submerged Arc Welding. The power source can be used for MMA welding and carbon arc gouging also.

Advanced ‘Soft Switching’ Technology

can be used for SAW, MMA and Carbon Arc Gouging

100 % duty cycle

High Power Factor and Higher efficiency

Digital Controller for precise control of voltage, current and trolley speed

Pre-setting and digital display of voltage, Control & trolley speed


Specification Value
Input Supply 3 Phase 380-440Volts 50Hz Supply
Duty Cycle 60%(40 C & 10 Min)
Efficiency 85%
Gas Pre Flow(Sec) 0~5
Post Gas Flow(Sec) 0~20