400 Amps MMA / TIG Welding Machine

INTIG I Series 400-630 Amps - INTIG I series machines are IGBT inverter based arc welding power source with soft switching technology. They are widely used for manual metal arc welding with acid and basic electrodes and for JIG welding of various metals except Al. & Mg. Single phase tig welding machine is designed and manufacture to deliver high performance.We also offer single phase arc welding machine
Models : Available in 400, 630 Amps

Advanced Soft Switching inverter technology and high efficiency.

Digital display of current with precise preset function.

High Power factor.

High Switching frequency, hence low volume and weight.

Adjustable arc force in MMA.

Built in High Frequency.


Specification Value
InPut Power 18.4/35
Current~Range A 20~400/25~630