Orbital Cutting Machine

INARC-IH Series machines are full bridge IGBT (Module) inverter based arc welding power source. They are widely used for manual metal arc welding with acid and basic electrodes.

Orbital Cutting is used to cut pipes of different diameter.

High cutting precision.

It can be directly used for orbital or automatic welding without any Post Cutting operation.

Available in wide range.

It can cut upto 15 mm thickness.

Automatic welding bevelling machines with low maintenance cost.


Specification Value
Accessories 1 CCPS21: support feet
Accessories 2 CCBSB-­‐01: bench with height adjustment -­‐1.5 m
Accessories 3 CCBSB-­‐02: additional 1.5 m bench
Motors 1 MD21: Métabo 1010 W, 220 V, Thickness < 7 mm
Motors 2 MD11: Métabo 1010 W, 110 V, Thickness < 7 mm